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Lyth by Xiamber

For the September Shinlai Adoptions. DeviantART refuses to let me post a link, sorry
Name: Lyth
Nickname: Ly, Ly-Ly(given by his sister)
Species: Shinlai
Gender: Male
Age: 85
Height: 13’7”
Length: 27’2”
Body Type: Heavy
Family: Parents, and a sister called Izaiel
Allegiance: Follower of Daila, along with some beliefs he has picked up from humans he’s met along the way.
Area: Lyth was originally from Talin, in West Rendali. He has been to Lindir, Shayden, and Clipso, and has passed by Sunset Peak. Lyth traveled to Tamara and has been to Elladen and Malian. He currently resides in Tamara, near Moon Lake.
Politics: generally stays out of politics, however since the death of his sister, he has shown more interest in the politics of the Dark Bloods and begun paying more attention to the situation with the Dark Blood Revolution.

Element: Water
Lyth discovered his element at a very young age, and had always been devoted to fully understanding it. He could conjure water from molecules in the air and in the ground. With the help of his father, he also developed a way to fight with his element, especially if close to a large body of water. Lyth also studied the healing aspect of his element, however, his skills are not as good as he would like them to be due to interruptions in his studies.

Physical Description:
Shinlai Classification:
-Fur: rare: heavy coat and short tail
-Facial: rare: two sets of eyes

Mask: Lyth’s mask is carved from birch wood, and is lightweight but durable. The wood has been sanded down to be very smooth, and the markings were added with paints and coated with a sealant to become fade and stain resistant. Lyth’s current mask is based off the mask his sister wore before her death.

Scars: Two long scars down is left side (where fur doesn’t grow) from an encounter with darkbloods(the same encounter in which he lost his sister). He also has several small scars around his upper neck and hind legs from the same encounter.

Accessories: Lyth carries a small pack(like you might see on dogs when hiking with their owners) and occasionally wears a pendant that belonged to his sister. In his pack, he carries small amounts of food and water, a small book he uses for sketching, paints, and tools to build with. He also carries a cloak that he wears during the colder seasons.

Personality: Lyth is a very dark, quiet Shinlai. He prefers to travel alone, although he occasionally finds himself in the company of humans.  As a child he was always introverted, but he fell deeper into himself after his sister’s death. He generally doesn’t fight back, but when pushed to his limit he becomes very violent and unpredictable. Fortunately this side of him is rarely seen. Lyth can come off as cold and uncaring, but once you get past the hard outer shell he’s very friendly, and is always loyal to those close to him. He has an odd sense of humor that only some get, and he spends possibly a little too much time dwelling on past mistakes. Contrary to how he may appear(set in his ways, rude, etc) he does like to meet new people and likes to try new things.


Lyth was born in Talin, in West Rendali, into a family of water Shinlai who were followers of Daila. As a pup, he looked like an oversized marshmallow, being that he was very fluffy and always tripping over himself because of his short legs. Lyth found his element at a young age, and his parents were overjoyed that he too was a water Shinlai. As a teenager, Lyth was very introverted, often sticking to himself. He had a few close friends, but not a lot of acquaintances. He devoted most of his time to schooling and studying his element. Of course, there were times that he got himself into trouble. He and a friend called Kaiva once pulled a series of pranks on the town elders. They stole fruit from street vendors, snuck out to go hunting at night, and explored every abandoned building they saw. He earned his mask on his 17th birthday, after showing a mastery of his element, despite it being one of the more difficult to control. He stayed with his family until the age of 22, working on controlling his element and developing his skills further. When he was 19, his younger sister, Izaiel, was born. She too was a water Shinlai. He and his sister quickly formed a close bond, and it was painful for him to leave her behind.

Lyth spend the time after he left his family traveling through West Rendali. He got several jobs while traveling, from being a guide in Lindir to becoming an apprentice mask maker in Clipso. It was in Clipso that he made several human friends; siblings Clark and Zera, Alana and her fiance Grell, and little Chim. He spent a great while with them, learning how to craft masks for Shinlai. He was 47 when he saw his sister again. She had earned her mask later in life, at the age of 28, due to falling ill as a child. The illness severely affected her growth and how quickly she mastered her element. Because of this, she was a very small Shinlai, and she was definitely dwarfed by Lyth’s huge size . Izaiel has traveled to Clipso to get her first mask, and was thrilled when she learned that her brother was there. Lyth’s bond with his sister was immediately renewed, and his human friends invited her to stay with them. They stayed together for 2 years before parting ways again, when Izaiel went back to visit their parents.

After parting ways for the second time, Lyth decided that he too should visit their parents. He left Clipso at the age of 51, and traveled back to Talin to find his parents. He was pleased to find them doing quite well, and they were glad to see their son after so many years. He visited them semi-regularly after that, finding a job in eastern Talin to support himself and his parents. Izaiel had returned to Talin as well, hearing rumors of an attack on Talin. She had been very curious about the Darkblood Revolution. Despite being raised in a Daila-following home, Lyth too had had his doubts, remembering her last request, to not be worshiped as a god. However, his sister had shown far more interest in the Darkbloods. They were in Talin when the darkbloods attacked. It was chaos that night. Lyth got seperated from his friends and family, and fought  endlessly with the dark Shinlai. As he fought, he heard his sister, and ran to her defense. In the battle, he gained the scars that adorn his left side and hind legs. His sister was killed in front of him, and at her loss he became lost in rage. When he came to, the weight of what had happened came down on him. Lyth didn’t eat or drink for days. He laid down and refused to move, letting grief take over him. He had lost his entire family in the Attack on Talin. It was several weeks before he realized that his sister would not have wanted him to act like this. He nursed himself back to health and resumed on his journey. He left West Rendali all together, because the memories were too painful. He ended up in Tamara, where he traveled through several cities before coming across a small group of nomads near Moon Lake. He now resides with them, and vows to avenge the deaths of his parents and his sister.

Likes: water, night time, fog, small animals, occasionally gets along with humans, music
Dislikes: Dark Bloods, tall buildings, allyways
Interests: In his spare time, Lyth paints, sketches, and reads. He also occasionally crafts jewelry and writes and plays music.
Goals: To avenge his sister’s death, to be happy, to have a family
Fears: Losing someone else close to him.  
Wow I am so excited this :D I'm glad I'm able to submit it(I have been having internet and dA issues the past few weeks) Anyways I totally fell in love with this guy and knew I had to draw him! There were several I wanted to try for but he was the most inspiring. I will be doing fanart of the other Shinlai for auction later this week :)
I drew inspiration from the place in Bolivia, the salt flats I think it was. I'll look it up later(I'm supposed to be on my way to work)
Anyways, good luck to everyone who entered!



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My name is Xiamber and I am an artist and aviation enthusiast.
I’m currently enrolled in Early College High School in Oregon! I hope to go into Illustration or Graphic Design, and my dream job is owning or working at a paint shop(for airplanes) or restoring old aircraft! I like a lot of things(art, planes, books, Sherlock, Doctor Who) and I like to meet new people! I’m sorry if I come off as blunt or awkward(I’m a little shy and not the best with words) so if I say something that offends you please let me know! I probably wasn’t sure what I said. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
A few things you should know:
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Anything else, just ask!

:bulletred: Requests are closed :bulletred:
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-Pet Portraits
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